There Are Possible Stomach Cancer Symptoms

There are a wide variety of stomach cancer symptoms. Therefore, anyone who feels that they might have stomach cancer should seek out a physician. The symptoms, however, can be wide and varied, which can make a self diagnosis very difficult. That means that if you are not feeling well, whatever the reason, seeking out a doctor’s attention and diagnosis is important. So wide and varied are the symptoms that could be connected to cancer, that a single list of symptoms is almost impossible. However, there are a few signs that cancer might be at work. Sometimes one of the first symptoms is a pain in the stomach area. This can often come after someone has eaten and the pain can be very intense. Sometimes the pain is so great that a person cannot get out of bed, or feels sick. Of course, there are many other diseases that can cause stomach pain, so just having a stomach ache does not mean that a person has cancer, and that is why a professional diagnosis is so important. Problems digesting food can also be a symptom. Sometimes a person who has developed stomach cancer gets stomach flu-like symptoms which can include diarrhea and vomiting. If you are unable to keep food down and the symptoms continue for a very long length of time, and is accompanied by any stomach pain, then you should seek medical attention so that your doctor can run a number of tests. If you find blood in the vomit or diarrhea, this can also be a problem. If the stool that you excrete is black or hard, then this can indicate a problem within your digestive system, including stomach cancer. However, sometimes blood can also indicate an ulcer or other less serious, and very treatable, conditions. Blood anywhere, however, can often be a sign of a serious medical problem and treatment should be sought. If you are suddenly experiencing pain and aches where none previously existed can be some of the stomach cancer symptoms. However, there could be other problems such as arthritis and simply aging. However, headaches that last for days in someone who has never been diagnosed with migraines should seek out a doctor’s advice and possible treatments.