There Are Many and Varied Symptoms of Cancer

There is a wide variety of symptoms of cancer. Therefore, anyone who feels that they might have cancer should seek out a physician. Sometimes a very common feeling can actually be a symptom of something more serious. That means that if you are not feeling well, whatever the reason, seeking out a doctor’s attention and diagnosis is important. So wide and varied are the symptoms that could be connected to cancer that a single list of symptoms is almost impossible. However, there are a few signs that cancer might be at work. If your body has any lumps or funny-looking areas that were not there even recently, this could be an indication of a tumor or growth beneath the skin. This is common in forms of cancer such as breast cancer, and it is a major reason why women are encouraged to examine their breasts on a regular basis for lumps and other abnormalities. Just finding a lump does not necessarily mean cancer, as other illnesses and causes can be the culprit. Blood, where there should not be blood, such as in urine, can be a sign of cancer. However, there could be other causes for this as well. This is why it is important to seek out a doctor’s help in this case. However, blood from anywhere that it should not be could be a concern and indicate a serious health problem. Coughs and other cold-like symptoms that set in and then do not leave could also indicate a serious health problem. For example, tumors and cancer in the lungs can at first come across as a simple cough like one might have with a cold. Also, fevers can be a concern as the body tries to fight off the cancer cells, a fever can be a result. Sometimes aches and intense pains in places where none previously existed can be some of the symptoms of cancer. However, there could be other problems such as arthritis and simply aging. However, headaches that last for days in someone who has never been diagnosed with migraines should seek out a doctor’s advice and possible treatments.