Poly MVA and Its Uses in Cancer Support and Optimal Health

Poly-MVA has existed for around 10 years and many doctors are recommending it in numerous countries. It’s a uniquely-formulated and patented combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids invented in 1991 by Dr. Merill Garnett. Cancer cells are anaerobic, or cells which require minimal oxygen to be able to function and replicate. Dr. Garnett’s cancer cell approach relied on the speculation that cancer cells flourish on simple sugars and enjoy low oxygen environments for their metabolism. Based upon that theory, he developed a product that would interfere with the metabolism process in the cancer cell. Dr. Garnett combined palladium with alpha lipoic acid, B-12 and thiamine in such a way that created a valuable and safe cellular nutrient. These combined ingredients promote energy production and provide potent antioxidant protection at the cellular level. When administered to advanced cancer patients, Poly-MVA seems to possess the unique capability to negatively affect anaerobic cells while supporting healthy tissues. To put it simply, this nutrient can attack the “engine room” of a cancer cell and short circuit the cell’s energy production – therefore destroying it. Why palladium? Palladium has unique properties which help it combine well with alpha lipoic acid which is an extremely strong antioxidant. The idea of combining a rare metal with an antioxidant came to Garnett because he thought it might interfere with the electron transfer in the cancer cell. It would impact the part of the cancer cell metabolism which is the anaerobic side of cancer metabolism. This complex is a key part of the Poly-MVA food supplement. Because Poly-MVA is nontoxic, side effects are minimal and often nonexistent. Dr. James Forsythe and others are happy to see this in cojunction with conventional cancer therapies. “Concerning nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, these are uncommon side effects, diarrhea probably being more common than the other two. There is no hair loss, no skin rashes, no cytopenias or lowering of white count and red count cells. And we’ve seen no damage to any major organ systems such as the heart, liver, pancreas, or sexual organs.” In fact, according to Dr. Forsythe’s study, Poly-MVA not only has the potential to help the healthy cells but it has shown to be synergistic with chemotherapy, enhancing the effects of it. “Because it is an energizer, it does make patients feel better. Perhaps they feel able to better tolerate the chemo.”