Dr. Sinatra’s Special Online Report: Battling Cancer

Dr. Sinatra Battle Cancer Dr. Sinatra is often asked this question by many patients suffering from cancer.  Cancer can strike anyone at any age, and comes in many forms.  Dr. Sinatra’s report on Battling Cancer helps answer the questions many cancer patients, survivors and family members are looking for during this scary and uncertain time.  Normally this fact-filled report retails for $39.99, but with this special offer you can save $15 and pay only $24.99Battling Cancer – there is no shortage of treatment when it comes to cancer — find out which Dr. Sinatra recommends. Detoxification – Discover the best ways to rid your body of harmful toxins. Detoxify with D-Glucarate – Fighter of “Bad” Beta-Glucuronidase. Color Your Diet Healthy – How to nourish your body as part of your cancer-prevention program. Avoid DNA Damage from Micronutrient Deficiencies – How the lack of micronutrients plays a substantial role in a tumor’s ability to develop and then grow unchecked. Poly-MVA – How this altered energy metabolism can kill or inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Eclectic Approaches to Prostate Cancer – Alternative ways to avoid and prevent prostate cancer. Detecting and Treating Breast Cancer – Approximately 41,000 American women die each year from breast cancer — how to protect yourself from this deadly disease. Less Invasive Breast Cancer Therapies – Other options for fighting breast cancer: Natural and Synthetic COX-2 Inhibitors, Indole-3-Carbinol, and Regional Hyperthermia. A Look at Lung and Colorecta Cancers – An update on the very prevalent lung and colorectal cancers. Save Your Life by Preventing Cancer – A summary of the lifestyle changes that Dr. Sinatra believes can save your life and prevent cancer in almost all instances. Plus so much more! Best of all, you don’t have to wait for the information to come in the mail because you get the Special Collection instantly online!

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