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First Pulse

A Personal Journey in Cancer Research

First PulseDetailed in this book is the story of Dr. Merrill Garnett’s forty-year search for a non-toxic cure for cancer. The end result is his synthesis of Poly-MVA. This unique approach to treating cancer may ultimately transform cancer treatment, utilizing Dr. Garnett’s treatment protocol using non-toxic palladium compounds to restore the electrical charge of the DNA molecules in cancer cells.


Latest Research

Physical-Chemical Aspects of Palladium-Lipoic Acid Complex

Palladium-lipoic acid coordination complex (PLA) was synthesized as a candidate chemotherapy agent. Patents were applied for as a novel composition of matter with therapeutic applications in 1993, and these issued in 1995, 1997, and 1998 (1-3).

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 Notes Toward a Corollary Genetic Code

The original Palladium-lipoic acid complex (PLA) was
synthesized as a candidate as a chemotheraputic agent. Patents were applied for as a novel composition of matter with therapeutic applications in 1993, and then issued in 1995, 1997, and 1998 (1-3).

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 Introduction for Researchers + Physicians

The modern genetic code is a gene base sequence theory whose regulatory influence is implied from the feedback experiments of bacterial genetics and modern mammalian genetics. Nevertheless, this intellectual framework failed to disclose the mechanics of differentiation intrinsic to understanding cell development, aging, and cancer. The weakness lies in the absence of dynamical parameters.

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Dr. Merrill Garnett and the Development of LAMC (Poly-MVA)

Dr. Garnett workingLipoic Acid Mineral Complexes and Poly-MVA were discovered and developed by Dr. Merrill Garnett, a researcher, biochemist and head of the Garnett McKeen Laboratory in Long Island, New York. Dr. Garnett’s research lies in the emerging field of Electrogenetics, developing electro-active compounds that inhibit anaerobic cells without damaging healthy ones. Dr. Garnett has received multiple U.S. patents for Lipoic Acid
Mineral Complexes.

For over forty years, Dr. Garnett has probed the secrets of molecular biology and the mysteries of cells. He realized that certain cellular dysfunctions were the failure of some cells to regenerate and replicate normally, instead cloning themselves in a deranged state over and over. He theorized that this failure of some cells to mature was a problem with the energetics (how energy is used) in the cells and part of the metabolic processes.

Dr. Garnett’s research expands on the theory that all normally-developed cells contain a specific inward (or directed) energy flow to DNA/RNA/mitochondria and the cells’ energy cycle. He has looked for those pathways which alter electron or energy flow in the cell. Research shows that normal development requires a certain amount of energy. Through laboratory experiments, Dr. Garnett found that by introducing alternative energy pathways, dysfunctional cells were altered selectively and normal cells were supported and enhanced.

Dr. Garnett began a long and difficult search to find a natural molecular compound that would restore healthy pathways for growth and normal development. Within those cell pathways that were missing, or deficient in dysfunctional cells, his targeted cellular energy could be used to exploit the metabolic dysfunction. More specifically, he searched for a natural organic compound that would act as a metabolic shunt to restore the cells’ healthy metabolism, or energy pathways.

After testing some 20,000 compounds, Dr. Garnett discovered that the mineral palladium, when combined with alpha lipoic acid and B-1(thiamine), created an extremely useful and safe cellular nutrient. Thus, in 1991, came about the biochemical formula known as Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes, from which Poly-MVA was derived. Subsequent tests have shown Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes to be safe and effective. His complete journey can be found in his book First Pulse.

Presently, Dr. Garnett is working in cooperation with other researchers to determine the effectiveness of the principal ingredients of Poly-MVA for other uses and developing other powerful compounds. For more information on Garnett-McKeen Labs visit www.garnettmckeen.net.

Poly-MVA: A Patented Metallo-vitamin

Garnett labWhen lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant with many biological functions, is connected to an electrically-charged mineral substrate, and associated with B vitamins, the resulting complex has enhanced solubility in both water and fat. It can easily and safely travel throughout the body, even crossing the blood-brain barrier. Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (impossible even for most drugs, let alone ordinary nutritional supplements) suggests that, as a nutritional supplement, Poly-MVA may hold great promise in cases where other means of supplementing cell nutrition are ineffective.

The Poly-MVA dietary supplement has a unique action because healthy cells have oxygen radical pathways. Normally, oxygen radicals are formed when fatty acids donate electrons to oxygen. These oxygen radicals have an unpaired electron charge and are unstable. Special proteins in the mitochondria convert the oxygen radicals into water and usable energy. Poly-MVA has shown to assist and facilitate this process.

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