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My Message to All Who Desire Optimum Health and Well-Being …

I use, recommend and distribute Poly-MVA supplements because they are the very best in every way. After more than twenty years of research and investigation into supportive supplements for degenerative diseases, maintenance of health and trying almost every possible therapy and product that came along, our family was introduced to Poly-MVA. We soon realized that we had found what we had been looking for.

I am part of a network of health professionals including doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic physicians, bio-physiologists, health-food store owners and independent researchers. At the head of our network is the research company, Garnett McKeen Laboratories in Long Island, New York.

AMARC Enterprises is setting the standard for integrity in business by using only the finest ingredients in its products and never cutting cost to increase profit. We are always seeking ways to stay on the forefront of knowledge and constantly improving and upgrading our already cutting-edge products. AMARC’s product line consists of the most comprehensive, effective, pharmaceutically-pure nutritional supplements obtainable.

All of us have the opportunity to not only use the life-changing products but also to take part in the business. By relying on word-of-mouth among enthusiastic participants instead of advertising to promote its products, AMARC is able to turn those resources that would have been spent on advertising back to research.

As a health promotion company, we do not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. We are not in the disease business; we are in the health business, which is a big difference. We study, practice and teach the principles of health that really work. We focus on the body’s ability to heal itself and promote the lifestyle changes necessary to give the body the proper inner environment so that it can perform these miracles.

Some medical doctors are in the business of treating disease. They are, therefore, not focused on health but sickness. They are practicing medicine to try to cure disease, not to encourage or promote health. Medicine is complex, extremely difficult to understand and even more difficult to make work (especially due to its often inherent toxicity). Drugs can save your life in a crisis, ease your pain and in many cases keep us alive under circumstances under which five, ten or twenty years ago we might have passed on. This is incredibly valuable and a testament to the advancement of our society. Medicine cannot, however, yield true health — not for any price. The old adage still holds true: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

At this point in our lives most of us have known someone close to us that either has or has had a degenerative disease. Until it hits close to home, we really do not realize that it is happening all around us every day. We have, unfortunately, become accepting to the losses sustained within our healthcare system. We were not so accepting of the terrorist action that happened on 9/11/2001 and the resulting losses. The response and out-pouring of concern from the greatest nation in the world showed in its aftermath was unparalleled. What if we could turn that focus, concern and support to our healthcare system? What if we could direct it to our schools and children and to the thousands that suffer and die everyday needlessly from disease?

Maintaining proper health can seem monetarily expensive, but it is extremely reasonable when compared to the alternative: the financial and emotional costs of a serious disease or loss of a loved one.

Whatever your condition, whatever your age, if you care about your health, you probably need a complete program of nutrition, exercise and consistently high-quality supplementation in your life. This takes a strong daily commitment. Our mission is to make a difference one person at a time through providing the nutritional supplements necessary for high-quality of life and excellent health. “Information is the force of change.”

Al Sanchez, Jr., CEO
AMARC Enterprises

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