Cancer Symptoms in Women Can Vary

When it comes to the terrible disease of cancer, one thing is very certain and that is that there are a large number of cancer symptoms in women. There are so many different signs that could or may not be cancer, that anyone who has any of these signs is actively encouraged to seek out advice from a medical practitioner for tests that can confirm the diagnosis. Anyone attempting to self-diagnose cancer is likely to end up making themselves feel sick, since so many of the signs can resemble symptoms of other, relatively harmless, illnesses. People are generally encouraged to study their own bodies on a regular basis. You are looking for any strange lumps or discolorations that should be checked out by a doctor. Sometimes a lump can indicate that a tumor is growing beneath the skin, or some other growth that may need treatment. Discolored skin can also indicate a potential melanoma, along with changes in moles or freckles. Again, both of these indications can be signs of something unrelated to cancer, but it is nearly impossible for someone not trained in medicine to know for sure. With women, the self-examination often takes the form of a breast exam, and a doctor or other medical professional can show you how to do that. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women, but uterine cancer is also very common and often just as, if not more so, deadly to the patient. The problem with uterine cancer is that there are often no signs or symptoms and the cancer is only found thanks to regular tests and done by a doctor, from regularly visits to a physician. There have been known to be aches and pains in the lower regions of a woman’s body that can be early signs of uterine cancer, but there is no guarantee that you will feel this before cancer is diagnosed. Mysterious coughs and symptoms that many believe are just signs of a common cold or flu can actually be a sign of something more serious. If a cough comes on and lingers for a long time despite cold medicines and other treatments, it could be a sign of something serious. Tumors can form in the lungs and cause symptoms similar to a cough or cold. Sometimes aches and intense pains in places where none previously existed can be some of the cancer symptoms in women. However, the reasons for aches and pains are many and various and can be indications of numerous other less life-threatening conditions that are treatable and easy to manage. This is why it is so important to see your doctor often and talk to him or her about any problems you might be having. Early detection is always key to treatment.