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The Important Functions of Proper Nutritional Support

There’s a lot that you can do to give yourself the very best chance to win the fight against cancer and other degenerative diseases. Keeping yourself nutritionally fortified is one positive strategy to take control of your life and your … Continue reading

What Does Optimal Health Really Mean

If we asked a group of people to define optimal health, their particular answers might be fairly different. Quite a few would say physical health is the vital thing. For them, athletic abilities or physical capabilities may be what matter … Continue reading

Integrative Medicine Treating the Whole Person

Integrative medicine is the practice of medicine that concentrates on the whole individual and utilizes all appropriate treatment approaches, healthcare professionals, and disciplines to attain optimal health and healing. The idea brings together state-of-the-art, conventional medical treatments with other therapies … Continue reading

Cancer Support Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices

Cancer rates have risen significantly during the last hundred years and most of us have been affected by the disease, either directly or indirectly. The underlying processes that trigger cancer involve interactions between our genes and the environment, and our … Continue reading

Quality of Life Issues When Dealing with Cancer-related Cachexia

Cachexia, or wasting syndrome, is a condition that presents itself in patients with particular chronic and terminal diseases. Patients with cachexia experience severe weight loss, in addition to wasting of the muscles of the body, and they develop a characteristically … Continue reading

Symptoms and Suggested Causes of Chemo Brain

Following cancer treatment, some individuals notice changes in their memory, concentration and how they think. Women with breast cancer were the first ones to report these complications, which they associated with their chemotherapy treatment. So they referred to the changes … Continue reading

Poly MVA and Its Uses in Cancer Support and Optimal Health

Poly-MVA has existed for around 10 years and many doctors are recommending it in numerous countries. It’s a uniquely-formulated and patented combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids invented in 1991 by Dr. Merill Garnett. Cancer cells are anaerobic, or … Continue reading

Does Exercise Make You Lazy?

After you hit the gym, do you collapse on your couch? We know the feeling. You’re less likely to walk, do chores, and other non-exercise activities after a hard workout, previous research has shown. But here’s the good news: A … Continue reading

Control Your Cravings

By Tom Hansen (Men’s Health) Cravings  are all about blood sugar. If your levels are consistent throughout the day, your eating patterns will be, too. But when you starve yourself for hours, cravings call. And you will answer. “Your blood sugar can fall … Continue reading

Poly-MVA Energy to Get the Job Done

Frank Antonawich, Ph.D. Over fifty years ago, most scientific and medical therapeutic approaches focused on cellular metabolism.  With the advent of genetics a concentrated shift toward genomics, and subsequently proteomics (protein profiles), dominated the therapeutic stage.  The area of metabolism … Continue reading

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