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.pdf iconThe Liver’s Role and Why You Should Detoxify
The liver is an organ that acts as a complex ‘factory’, responsible for the processing of carbohydrates (sugars), fats, proteins, and the synthesis (formation) of bile, glycogen, and serum proteins. The liver performs over 500 jobs, all necessary for life and health. The liver also acts as the primary organ of detoxification, protecting us from dietary, environmental and metabolic chemicals and toxins.



Liver SupportThe accumulation of chemicals in our body from the water in which we drink and bathe, the air that we breathe and the food that we eat have all been shown to weaken the immune system and contribute to the development of degenerative diseases (like cancer).

Liver Support is a specially-prepared proprietary blend of artichoke and sarsaparilla. It contains the following naturally occurring flavonoids and polyphenols: silymarin, quercetin, catechin, hesperidin, rutin, cynarin and chlorogenic acid. These have been shown to support liver metabolism and promote the detoxification of not only the liver but of the whole body.

This formula is recommended for those who are on any difficult therapy (including chemotherapy), those exposed to environmental pollutants and those who desire nutritional support. It also promotes the elimination of excess water through the kidneys and stimulates bile flow from the gall bladder and other digestive substances, which improves digestion. Double-blind studies have shown significant nutritional value for liver support.

Independent double-blind studies evaluating the efficacy of the individual ingredients found in this formula have shown significant support for liver function.

Recommended for Those Who:

  1. Consume alcohol
  2. Are exposed to environmental toxins or chemicals or second-hand smoke
  3. Consume tobacco products
  4. Have a history of liver or gall bladder problems
  5. Have been taking medications/drugs


Silymarin, Quercitin, Catechin, Hesperidin, Rutin, Cynarin, Chlorogenic acid, Glycerin, Purified water and Gelatin.

Usage Recommendation:

Take one to three (1-3) capsules one-half hour before meals with a glass of water. (1) capsule before each meal is beneficial for general support to the liver, (2) capsules before meal is beneficial when you feel you may need more support than normal and (3) capsules before each meal for maximum health benefit.

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