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AMARC LogoOur goal at AMARC is to provide superior products with outstanding support and customer service. We feel these are essential when it comes to helping you meet your health and well-being goals. Call 866-POLY-MVA (866-765-9682) to speak to our doctor on staff or to one of our health consultants.


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Poly-MVA Information Packet

Poly-MVA Information packet


Our full Information Packet contains multiple printed materials providing in-depth information on Poly-MVA, a  patented and proven dietary supplement with over 18 years of clinical and laboratory research and testing. 


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Information Packet

Customer Experiences


Patient Testimonials Customers who have experienced the benefits of Poly-MVA share their specific situations and journeys to overall health. Read about how others have successfully integrated Poly-MVA to improve their quality of life.

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Welcome to the Home of Poly-MVA...

Poly-MVA Bottles Poly-MVA is a uniquely-formulated combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production and promote overall health. Poly-MVA also replaces specific nutrients that may be depleted during certain therapies.

A patented dietary supplement with over 18 years of clinical and laboratory research and testing, Poly-MVA is a revolutionary product and the first in a remarkable new category of supplements called lipoic acid palladium complexes (LAPd).

Definitive human studies continue and support what previous and ongoing case studies indicate - that the Poly-MVA complex is beneficial in promoting optimum health, protecting cell DNA and RNA, and assisting the body to produce energy to function properly. The product is a unique complex with powerful antioxidant properties which can help to neutralize the free radicals within the body and convert them into a usable energy source for our cells.

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